Why is Mandif.com dedicated to internet & security information?

Passionate about the web and new technologies, this website is our small contribution to try to popularize cybersecurity information, democratize the use and practice of the Internet to the greatest number and thus reduce the digital divide between generations.

Because we are IT field workers, we are regularly asked by people to help them solve problems with their computer, tablet, smartphone or with some software. We are also regularly contacted by the Customer Service of the company where we work to solve various user problems.

This website is a kind of collection of questions we have already been asked and tips (sometimes very simple, sometimes a bit more complicated) that make life easier for internet users and help to maintain businesses cybersecurity. This website is therefore rather intended for beginners (or those who want to improve their use of the web and digital tools) and does not aim to go deeper into the topics covered: We will therefore try as far as possible to indicate additional links in the topics covered for those who want to go further.

Enjoy your visit!

Please note: Don’t hesitate to contact us for any information, requests or article suggestions!