How to Protect Your Emails From Spam, Malware and Phishing Attacks?

I regularly talk to you about cybersecurity on this site. Of course, with the development of the internet and digital services, we are more and more exposed to threats. And your email box is particularly targeted since it is a fundamental element of communication and digital identity. But between spam, viruses, ransomwares, dangers are not lacking and a free or paid antivirus protection on your device does not always avoid problems.

So today I would like to tell you about a protection solution that a geek friend of mine told me about a little while ago, Altospam, which can protect you from most of the worries and threats related to your email: spam, viruses, phishing, malware, spear-phishing, ransomware, fovi, scam etc…

Mailbox and web security

You probably have an email box? Whether you read your emails via an email software like Microsoft Oulook or Mozilla Thunderbird or you consult your emails via a webmail, you are certainly confronted with the same problems as most of the Internet users. Numerous unsolicited emails (spam), viruses, advertisements come to rot your mailbox ….

At best, as with spam, you will have to clean up your mailbox. At worst, you will receive viruses, ransomware, trojans, phishing attempts, scams and other potential threats to the security of your data. It is often through email that hackers manage to hack into the data of the world’s largest companies.

Personally, I am invaded by spam… Especially on my oldest email boxes which are more than ten years old like one of my first email addresses, at free. Every day, I must receive between fifty and one hundred spam mails, only on this box.

I have set up advanced filtering rules in my dear Thunderbird which are very useful when I clean up from my computer. But it’s not the same on my smartphone where I have to clean up by hand or wait for my Thunderbird filters to run to clean up my mailbox.

So I was particularly excited when a friend told me about an efficient solution to protect your mailbox, Altospam, a powerful anti-spam for companies and individuals.

There is many powerful email protection tools and cybersecurity solutions

Altospam as an exemple offers an effective SaaS anti-spam and anti-virus solution to protect your email, whether you are an individual or a business.

Here are its main features and benefits:

  • email filtering: 99.5% of spam blocked (with very few false positives)
  • blocking of known and unknown viruses thanks to the use of 6 different antivirus solutions and additional security rules
  • detection of phishing, scam and president scam attempts, phenomena that hit companies hard and can have serious consequences…
  • on-demand ad blocking
  • compatible with all mail servers (Exchange, PostFix, Lotus etc…)
  • simplicity of the solution: you just have to modify a DNS entry so that emails are routed to Altospam’s services before reaching you. No complex configuration or modification of your IT infrastructure

Among the pluses of this solution, the daily report on your antispam protection. Very instructive to see the pollution of your mailbox and check the effectiveness of Altospam!

With this solution, receive only your legitimate emails and be reassured thanks to the effective protection of your mailbox!

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